How To Get The eTA Easily To Travel Canada

eTA Canada is the electronic authorization to visit the country for a certain period of time. ETA visa is requirement immigration mandatory for people from some countries wishing to travel to Canada by airplane. Submitting the eTA is mandatory. If someone flies to Canada without this authorization, they run the risk of not being able to access the country and also of being fined.

eTA Canada – Application form

eTA Canada
eTA Canada

As of March 15, 2016, You can travel without a Canada visa and only with the Canadian eTA if you meet the following requirements:

  • Arrive by air and be a citizen of one of the qualified visa-free countries of origin or permanent legal resident of the United States in possession of a valid residence card for the registration of foreigners (Green Card).
  • Convince the Canadian immigration agent of the links he has with his country (work, family home, etc.) as a guarantee of his return.
  • Having sufficient funds for your stay in Canada, considering the duration of your trip.
eTA Canada application form
eTA Canada application form

How to get an eTA to Canada

The good news is that, to apply for an eTA, you do not have to go to the Canadian embassy or consulate. You can carry out this management from your home since it is a very simple procedure you can do online. In addition, it is also very fast; in most cases, the travel authorization arrives in a matter of minutes to your email.

The documentation you need for the request

• Valid passport
• An active email address
• Supported payment method (currently we support: Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card).

eTA Canada – Application form

Steps to request an eTA

  • 1. Prepare all the necessary documentation as well as the card you are going to use to make the payment.
  • 2. Access the application form here and fill it out properly. The eTA application form is only available in English and French as they are the official languages ​​of Canada. To facilitate other language users, you may find a PDF document in 18 languages ​​(including Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese) in which the descriptions of each form field are translated
  • 3. We advise you to read all the questions well before answering them. Be extra careful when you enter information such as your name or passport number! An error in the information entered could lead to the delay in obtaining the travel permit or even its denial.
  • 4. Complete the payment after submitting the form.
  • 5. You should receive a confirmation email in a few minutes. (mostly, less than 15 minutes)
  • 6. If you think you have not received an email related to this process, please check the SPAM or junk mail folder.
  • 7. Sometimes, after submission, you are asked for more documents to obtain an eTA. In that case, we will inform you by email within a maximum period of 72 hours.

Keep in mind that you can only apply for a visa and make the payment for only one person at a time. Therefore, if you travel with your family and you are four people, you will have to carry out this process online four times (one at a time).
Although it looks simple and fast, we recommend you to do the process a few weeks before going to Canada, in case any complications arise.

eTA Canada – Application form

visa to Canada
visa to Canada

Frequently Asked Question

#1 How long is the validity of eTA?
eTA can be valid for six years. Therefore, within the timeframe of 6 years, you still can use your eTA without registering it once again.

#2 How long can you stay in Canada after getting your eTA?
eTA is a travel authorization that is requested to travelers who wish to visit Canada for tourism, business or transit purposes whose stay is less than six months.
#3 What is the entry type?
It is multiple. You can use it for tourism, business, or transit purposes.

#4 When can you apply for eTA?

You can apply for an eTA anytime you want. However, we suggest you do so with an adequate timeframe before going to Canada.

#5 Are you required to print out the eTA?

When the eTA receipt arrives, print it immediately or save it immediately to the desktop of your computer. If you leave it for later, you will not be able to print it or request a new copy. However, you are NOT required to do so.

#6 How long your passport will be valid?

The passport you use will be valid for the duration of stay.

#7 Can you arrange an eTA on arrival?
Unfortunately, No. It is mandatory for you to prepare for eTA documents before the departure.

#8 Is it possible to overstay in Canada?
You cannot possibly overstay in Canada. In this case, the immigration department rules you not to.

#9 How much will eTA usually cost?
Getting an eTA to travel to Canada usually costs CAD 7. The conversion to Dollars is approximately USD 5.32. You can check our website to confirm its latest update periodically.

eTA Canada – Application form

Final Thoughts

We are an online agency that offers assistance in obtaining electronic travel authorization (eTA), mandatory for those interested in going to Canada.

If you are traveling to Canada for tourism, work, or transit, and arrive by air, you must request the eTA before the process of billing your flight to Canada. The electronic travel authorization (eTA) allows citizens with passports from certain countries and permanent legal residents of the United States to travel to Canada for tourism or work without having to apply for a visa. It is a procedure that you should not miss. Otherwise, your income could be denied, and you would most likely lose your entire travel itinerary.

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On this website, you can do complete application process to obtain the Canadian eTA by email. The process will not be in months, but mostly in just a few hours. Don’t hesitate to ask our support team if you find any difficulties!